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Here we will share with you the wide range of work we have done and continue to produce, and where we are headed in the future. The Tomberlin Collective is for your information and enjoyment and ours as well. We hope you will agree and return often. 



Change of plans!

Where in the World are Dan and Pat? We did not go to North Carolina after-all. That's probably a good thing considering the way the weather was. We got a better offer near Austin. TX at an RV Park in Kingsland, TX. We have been working as Co-Managers of Rio Vista RV Resort for about a month now. Haven't had ,much time for "creating". However, Dan did get his first piece hung in an an art gallery. I hope we can get a photo of this piece posted for you here soon. It is hanging in the Llano Art Guild gallery in Llano, TX near where we are living and working.

We work one week on and one week off so, hopefully, we'll get some work done on our weeks off. So far, we have only managed to have a good time in Austin ( SXSW is in full swing right now).

Having fun, but not getting much creative work done.

Check out Pat's  new works though in Behind the Seams gallery.

New Year 2015

We just finished a two month gig working at the fulfillment center in Campbellsville, KY and then spent Christmas with our daughter and two granddaughters in Montgomery, AL. Not much time for any creative work. We will be in Montgomery for the rest of January and then we will head to North Carolina where we hope our lives will be quieter and we will have some time to work on our projects.We will keep you posted on our progress.

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