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Dans Artwork

Thank you for visiting The Tomberlin Collective, the creative website of Dan & Pat Tomberlin

Artefax Design is Dan's Art & Design showcase

Behind the Seams is Pat's Creative Sewing showcase

Starpod Odyssey showcases our creative travels on the road

Starpod Blog is where we share our daily creative adventures on our journey

Here we will share with you the wide range of work we have done and continue to produce, and where we are headed in the future. The Tomberlin Collective is for your information and enjoyment and ours as well. We hope you will agree and return often. 



Tomberlin Update

I'm afraid we have been very negligent of our website and blog this year. We have had quite a year. We moved just about a year ago though only across the street. Then a summer of getting the house and yard the way we want. We haven't been to any Art Fairs lately but have some coming up in April, so we are busy now trying to get some new creations done. I will make an effort to keep you all in the loop with pictures and whatever strikes us as relevant.

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