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Thank you for visiting The Tomberlin Collective, the creative website of Dan & Pat Tomberlin

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Here we will share with you the wide range of work we have done and continue to produce, and where we are headed in the future. The Tomberlin Collective is for your information and enjoyment and ours as well. We hope you will agree and return often. 




Thanks so much everyone for your encouragement of my art....I am trying to make a go at being a self-supporting ARTIST. I am putting together a portfolio for sale, if you're interested. I have also just launched a Kickstarter project I hope you will support and spread the word about. Please go my Kickstarter project site to see the entire project, not just the video:


If you try to pursue creativity, chances are you will experience a conflict between the work you love and the practicalities of life. You must look ELSEWHERE... 

 I’m Dan Tomberlin. I’m an artist and would like you to consider funding my project I am calling The Studio Elsewhere Project. 

I’m seeking your support for the continued exploration and evolution of my drawings and artwork and to help me become a self-supporting artist. And a space to do it…

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